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We create your own online shop

We create your own online shop

We create your own online shop

with your own products, services, etc.

We "build", "decorate" your own online stores. In addition, we place in your shop, what you want to sell, and we are hosting our modern super server, we ensure (register) your web name (domain, as it is called). Compare not only our prices but always offered with our services.
guarantee our over 30 years experience in Hamburg, Germany.

As you know, the e-commerce is developing very rapidly and Greece, in a very high rate. In fact, this rate of development, expressed in a very large proportion prozentuallen. This proportion is 35% of Internet users, users who will quantify with about 2.2 million in Greece. (Source: Research in more than 5 years of Laboratory Electronic Commerce (ELTRUN) Athens University of Economics). It is expected that one is at 70% and at European level also increased. In money and in absolute terms, this means that in Greece 6,000,000,000 Euros are consumed annually.

Apart from all these, online shop has minimal operating costs, thus increasing your competitiveness is dramatically increased. If all this is not an argument, then what is meant by competitiveness?

Conclusion: The solution to the current problems of a company is: eShop.

Our online stores offer full and easy inventory control, invoicing, statistics, customers, suppliers, products, bonus, discounts, bargains, communication management, etc. anything for which there is no corresponding functions. Adaptation will be 100%. Try test purchases here in Prima Shop.